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When They Cry Section Rules Empty When They Cry Section Rules

Post by Battler on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:21 am

Yes, yes. We know. Rules? On the internet? But it should be a free world! (or whatever you want to call it.) But we have to appease the omgforum Gods and make sure we don't do anything to make them shut us down. It's a lovely little community after all.

Rules for When They Cry section are as follows.

  • No porn images
  • No gore images
  • If you think something may be a spoiler, PLEASE use spoiler tags. Most people have read or watched the first four arcs of Umineko, but Episode 5 was just released so many are playing through it, and EP6 is out in Japan. Failure to mark spoilers will result in your post being edited or removed.
  • Please, stay on topic. Everything unrelated will be moved/deleted.


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